Safeguarding children & adults

Safeguarding children and adults who may be vulnerable and at risk of abuse or neglect is a key legislative requirement for many organisations working with these groups. This programme of learning will identify the key issues for your staff team and provide guidance to ensure your team understand their own responsibilities for safeguarding vulnerable groups.

Staff will be knowledgeable about the common signs and symptoms associated with the different categories of abuse and will be able to identify the most common indicators that require reporting. Your organisation’s policy and procedures regarding safeguarding and the reporting processes will be highlighted with guidance for each step of the process.

Course outline

The video presentation increase your teams understanding of their responsibilities in safeguarding vulnerable customers who they encounter within their working role. It will identify the types and signs of abuse and explore the most relevant legislation and good practice for safeguarding. Clear guidance about how to respond appropriately to a suspicion, incident or disclosure of abuse will be provided to support staff to report concerns. The importance of maintaining boundaries when working with vulnerable groups will be presented to promote safe working practices that keep both the customer and staff safe.

The interactive session apply the learning from the video to your team’s context and create practical opportunities to actively practise the key skills necessary to recognise, respond, report and record concerns. Case studies and scenarios relevant to your team’s situations will enable your staff to develop the skills and confidence to identify and respond to concerns appropriately using internal procedures for reporting.

The interactive learning resources support you staff to deepen their knowledge about the safeguarding processes in place to support customers and build confidence in spotting the signs of abuse that they may need to report internally. The organisations policy and procedures for safeguarding will be referenced for staff to access as part of their self directed learning and a quiz will evidence the learning and generate certification.

Key skills and learning outcomes

Aimed at:

Any staff who have face to face contact with vulnerable customers and may need to report a safeguarding concern.

Session duration:

6 hours

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