Conflict Resolution & De-escalation

This programme will provide staff with clear approaches for identifying and reducing conflict situations that may occur in the workplace, using communication and de-escalation techniques. We recognise that the emotional distress staff experience when exposed to conflict situations at work can be hugely reduced when using the right strategies and tools to promote harmonious interactions and de escalate risky situations before they arise.

The 1974 Health and Safety at Work Act places general duties on employers and employees that are applicable to work-related violence and personal safety meaning that employers have a duty to manage the risks related to violence and aggression at work. This programme will fulfil this requirement whilst developing staff confidence and skills in handling difficult situations appropriately, respectfully and safely.

The context

  • Experiencing violence at work can have both physical and emotional consequences for victims and worry about workplace violence may impact upon people’s health – Chappell and Di Martino (2006)

  • The number of incidents of work related violence in 2017/18 was estimated at 694,000 with assaults accounting for 330,000 of these and 364,000 threats to victims – HSE Violence at work statistics 2018

Course outline

The video presentation will increase your teams understanding of conflict and enable them to identify why some customers may respond aggressively in difficult situations. The video will explore how our own behaviour can contribution to either reducing or escalating a confrontational situation and ensure that your team is better equipped to identify escalating situations and manage other people’s behaviours and expectations for positive outcomes. The video includes some simple self-defence techniques for removing themselves from a physical assault situation safely without harming another person.

The interactive session will apply the learning from the video to your team’s context and create practical opportunities to actively practise the key skills necessary to promote positive behaviours for better outcomes. Case studies and scenarios relevant to your team’s situations will enable your team to develop skills and confidence to reduce aggressive behaviours and be able to de-escalate situations safely should a customer present with challenging or aggressive behaviours.

The interactive learning resources are designed to build confidence in dealing with difficult situations and learn the theory behind the strategies explored in the video and interactive session. Staff will be provided with tools to successfully identify risks and resolve difficult situations amicably, with a view to ensuring that both the customer and the organisation are able to work together to achieve the best outcomes for all involved.

Key skills and learning outcomes

Aimed at:

For teams working with emotionally distressed customers who are prone to presenting emotions of anger and frustration

Session duration:

6 hours

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