Mental Health First Aid

This programme will increase staff understanding of common mental health conditions and offer proactive approaches to identify and understand the early warning signs of some of the most common conditions such as anxiety, burnout or depression. It will provide staff with a greater awareness of mental health to reduce the risk of conditions from developing by implementing tried and tested strategies and techniques advocated by mental health specialists. 

The programme will also equip staff with the skills and knowledge to support colleagues and customers who are experiencing poor mental health to increase their mental wellbeing and create a safety plan or emergency support where required.

The context

The HSE reported a staggering 828,000 UK workers are suffering from work-related stress, depression or anxiety (new or longstanding), which resulted in 17.9 million working days lost due to work-related stress, depression or anxiety in 2019/20

Course outline

The video presentation will highlight the relationship between our physical and mental health and provide an overview of common mental health conditions and the typical signs and symptoms.  Creative tools and strategies will be presented to increase skills in identifying signs and symptoms of common mental health conditions and good practice guidance for supporting themselves, a colleague or customer to access support to increase wellbeing.

The interactive session will apply the theory from the video and offer practical opportunities for measuring personal wellbeing and that of others using self-assessment tools and risk assessments. Staff will be engaged in a range of scenarios that will build their knowledge and confidence about the process of diagnosis for mental health illnesses and will be clear about how to support themselves or others through the process. Strategies will be provided to support staff to manage their own and others’ positive wellbeing and be clear about how to get help in emergency situations.

The learning resources are designed to provide a more in-depth and personal learning approach which will develop a deeper understanding of theory relating to mental health.  Practical tools will be provided to support staff to monitor and assess mental health with clear guidance about how to access appropriate professional help.

Key skills and learning outcomes

Aimed at:

For teams working in stressful and pressurised situations or teams working with customers who present with poor mental health

Session duration:

6 hours

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