Emotional Intelligence & Resilience for Teams

This programme will take your staff team on a journey of discovery to promote emotional intelligence and resilience both professionally and personally to create a more positive workplace culture. It will support individuals to manage difficult or stressful situations through applying positive approaches advocated by practicing mental health and wellbeing professionals.

By exploring a range of tools and strategies that enhance mental wellbeing in the workplace and developing healthy approaches to managing professional and personal challenges, it will equip your team with key skills for life that will increase happiness levels of individuals and boost the overall team spirit.

The context

  • 58% of employees said their emotional wellbeing was negatively affected.
  • 40% of employees say maintaining emotional wellbeing to avoid anxiety is a challenge of remote working
  • 35% of employees say burnout due to balancing work/life is a new challenge in 2020
  • 36% of employees feel less connected to their colleagues and 32% feel lonelier

 Perkbox Workplace wellbeing report 2020 

Course outline

The video presentation will explore the concept of wellbeing and mental health to demonstrate the importance of implementing simple strategies for good mental wellbeing in the workplace and home lives.  It will identify the five key elements of emotional wellbeing and intelligence to equip your team with the strategies and tools to build resilience personally and professionally.

The interactive session will apply the learning from the video to your team’s work context and create practical opportunities for each participant to explore their own personal approaches to building emotional resilience in the workplace.  It will encourage your team to discuss hidden stresses within their own teams and work together to reduce or resolve the issues in future using the strategies and tools presented.

The learning resources are designed to provide a more in-depth and personal learning approach for team members to immerse themselves in the theory of emotional resilience and wellbeing. Resources to support staff to implement the tools and strategies into their daily work and home life will be provided with clear guidance about the benefits and methods of application.  

A training plan will support each learner to use the additional resources to apply the theory to their own work context.

Key skills and learning outcomes

Aimed at:

For forward thinking teams who want to proactively promote wellbeing in the workplace.

Session duration:

6 hours

Interested in this course for your employees?

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