Domestic abuse

Domestic abuse exists best in silence and can have overwhelming debilitating effects on mental health and wellbeing of both victims and perpetrators. This programme of learning will provide a clear understanding of different types of abuse that fall within domestic abuse and the support available for adults and children to help them to achieve resolution and recovery. It will explore suitable interventions, how to sensitively offer support and provide you with the tools to engage victims in strategies to increase their personal safety.

The context

Domestic abuse can have a devastating effect on mental health. It is reported that domestic abuse is the greatest cause of female depression in the UK with and 73% of women who experience domestic abuse will suffer from depression or anxiety.

Women’s Trust

Course outline

The video presentation will increase your teams understanding of the prevalence and issues relating to domestic abuse and provide them with clear information about how to support a victim to access help. The different categories of domestic abuse will be highlighted to dispel some of the myths surrounding this very complex type of abuse and the common elements present during domestic abuse relationships. The components of power and control will be presented to understand the cycle of abuse that can make it difficult for the victim to recognise and leave an abusive relationship.

The interactive session will apply the learning from the video to your team’s context and create practical opportunities to implement the key skills necessary to respond to disclosures or suspicions of domestic abuse appropriately. Case studies and scenarios relevant to your team’s situations will enable your staff to develop the skills and confidence to signpost to local and national services where the risks are low and know how to get help for victims where there are immediate concerns about safety. Clear guidance will be provided alongside interactive exercises to build staff’s confidence in responding to disclosures sensitively and approaching conversations about the services that can help.

The interactive learning resources will support you staff to deepen their knowledge about the different processes in place to support customers who experience domestic abuse.  The organisations domestic abuse policy and procedures will be referenced for staff to access as part of their self directed learning and a quiz will evidence the learning and generate certification.

Key skills and learning outcomes

Aimed at:

Any staff who have face to face contact with customers and may need to report a concern related to domestic abuse.

Session duration:

6 hours

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